“Media Enterprises is a diversified communications agency with wide experience in the effective presentation of information to the Bahamian market.”

Founded in 1984, our services have broadened over the years from print and broadcast advertising, to publishing and book wholesaling.

Media Enterprises provides marketing communications, advertising production and placement services to a wide range of clients.  Click here to learn more about the advertising and communications services available at Media Enterprises

In addition to the advertising and communications services offered by Media Enterprises, we are also a major supplier of trade and educational titles to local bookshops, schools and libraries. Click here to learn more about our publishing and distribution services.

As one of the most experienced full-service communications agencies in the Bahamas, Media Enterprises has a wide background in journalism, advertising production, media relations and publishing...Read More >>

Since 1995, Media Enterprises has become the largest distributor of educational and other non-fiction books for the Bahamian market....Read More >>

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